Neutrons and Nano Workshops and User Meetings

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL Conference Center, Bldg. 5200
Tennessee Rms. 202A/B/C
August 12-15, 2013




The Executive Committees of the SNS-HFIR User Group (SHUG) and the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) User Group are organizing a combined two-day 2013 User Meeting bracketed by related User Workshops at Oak Ridge National Laboratory during August 12 – 15, 2013. Together, the nano and neutron user facilities, along with related resources at Oak Ridge, support the research efforts of thousands of users annually from across the U.S., North America, and locations around the world.

The Science @ Neutron and Nano Facilities Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 13 and 14, will focus on “Science at User Facilities: Complementary Techniques.” These sessions will present research at user facilities in different science areas with the anticipated outcome to show the resources enabled by and/or complementary nature of resources of user facilities such as CNMS, HFIR, SNS, and other national resources including microscopy and high-performance computing.

The User Workshops on Monday and Thursday, August 12 and 15, 2013 will focus on “New Techniques, New Users, and Enhancing the User Experience.” These workshops will be of interest to new users as they will showcase the current resources, inform prospective users of future resources, and provide opportunities for suggestion of other needs to further the common scientific mission.

The user meeting website contains the agendas and registration details. A single registration form is provided for convenience. There is no charge to attend these meetings.

Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee:
Greg Beaucage, University of Cincinnati
Tony Hmelo, Vanderbilt University

A combination of workshops and breakout sessions are being planned with both plenary and invited talks from users and ORNL staff experts. Speakers include:

  • Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve
  • Jared Allred, Argonne
  • Ke An, ORNL
  • Michel Barsoum, Drexel
  • Bart Bartlett, Michigan
  • Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Tech
  • Mathias Baullaff, HZB
  • Greg Beaucage, Cincinnati
  • Kelly Beierschmitt, ORNL
  • Hassina Bilheux, ORNL
  • Albina Y. Borisevich, ORNL
  • Jack Brenizer, Penn State
  • Don Brown, LANL
  • Zimei Bu, CCNY
  • Greg Carman, UCLA
  • Gustavo Carri, Akron
  • Iuliana Cernatescu, Pratt and Whitney
  • Bryan Chakoumakos, ORNL
  • Jihua Chen, ORNL
  • Wei Chen, Argonne
  • E. S. Choi, NHMFL
  • Brian Collins, NIST
  • Mike Crawford, DuPont
  • Hans Christen, ORNL
  • Steven Chung, Akron
  • Mark Dadmun, Tennessee
  • Antonio dos Santos, ORNL
  • Martin Dove, ISIS
  • Laura Morris Edwards, ORNL
  • Leonard C. Feldman, Rutgers
  • Bruce Gaulin, McMaster
  • Enrique Gomez, Penn State
  • Garrett Granroth, ORNL
  • Martha Greenblatt, Rutgers
  • Heidi Hamm, Vanderbilt
  • Lilin He, ORNL
  • Ronald Hedden, Texas Tech
  • William Heller, ORNL
  • Tony Hmelo, Vanderbilt
  • Jason P. Hodges, ORNL
  • Kunlun Hong, ORNL
  • Ashfia Huq, ORNL
  • David Jacobson, NIST
  • Nitin Jain, UTK
  • Eric Johnson, John Deere Scott Jorgensen (GM)
  • Mike Kilbey, ORNL
  • John Katsaras, ORNL
  • Rejeev Kumar, ORNL
  • Vikram Kuppa, Cincinnati
  • Eberhard Lehmann, PSI
  • Ken Littrell, ORNL
  • Mark Loguillo, ORNL
  • David Londono, DuPont
  • David Mandrus, UTK
  • Nick Mauro, ORNL
  • Gregg McDougall, Illinois
  • Flora Meilleur, ORNL
  • Agnostino Migliore, Duke
  • John Mitchell, Argonne
  • Karren More, ORNL
  • Emilia Morosan, Rice
  • Adam Moule, UC Davis
  • Murugappan Muthukumar, Mass - Amherst
  • Michihiro Nagao, NIST
  • Linda Nazar, Waterloo
  • Jamie Nelson, Johns Hopkins
  • Katherine Page, LANL
  • Andrew Payzant, ORNL
  • Darrin Pochan, Delaware
  • Eugene Pinkhassik, St. Louis
  • Thomas Proffen, ORNL
  • Roger Proksch, Oxford Instruments
  • Philip D Rack, Tennessee
  • Nathan Ramanathan, ORNL
  • Ramamoorthy Ramesh, ORNL
  • Chris Redman, ORNL
  • Meigan Robertson, Houston
  • Adam J. Rondinone, ORNL
  • Kate Ross, Johns Hopkins
  • James Rhyne, DOE Office of Science
  • Chrissi Schnell, ORNL
  • Greg Smith, ORNL
  • Jesse Smith, Argonne
  • Sean Smith, ORNL
  • Markus Strobl, ESS
  • Anton Tremsin, UC-Berkeley
  • Volker Urban, ORNL
  • Thomas Z. Ward, ORNL
  • Mike Weaver, Proctor & Gamble
  • Rick Weber, Corning
  • Stephen Wilson, Boston College
  • Patrick Woodward, Ohio State
  • Lili Wu, ORNL
  • Anvar Zakhinov, Texas, Dallas

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