Welcome Sean Smith

CNMS Division Director!


[Editor’s Note: On August 1, the CNMS was pleased to welcome its new director, Sean Smith, who joined us from the University of Queensland, Australia.]

See Staff Highlights for a brief profile.

Greeting from Sean

Sean Smith


It’s an exciting time to become part of the CNMS! My family and I are settling into new surroundings, and I am spending my days becoming familiar with our world-class facilities and wonderful staff members that comprise the CNMS. The User Program is thriving, thanks to you, and we are on track to meet user goals for FY11 and exceed user-hours delivered in FY10.



In preparing to greet you, I am drawn back to the original vision of the CNMS. That vision was to provide world-class user capabilities and to do world-leading science. One goal of the in-house science program was to do the research that will keep you, the user, coming back to the CNMS – research that is on the forefront of nanoscience and the development of novel instrumentation, techniques, and software. I believe that we are accomplishing and exceeding these goals, and I am eager to help shape and meet our future objectives.

Consider yourself most cordially invited to attend the CNMS User Meetings in September, and I look forward to meeting many of you then. We are planning two days of presentations, including a poster session and something called RidgeDance, to be followed by three days of workshops. Please join us!