Current Proposal Calls

Call for User Proposals: High-Impact Nanoscience Research

Deadline for submission: 20th October, 2010
Successful applicants will be able to use CNMS facilities starting Feb 1st 2011

The CNMS has just announced the first Call for User Proposals of two that are planned for 2011. The proposal deadline is October 20. This proposal call features several new instruments that were recently purchased with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, including new SEM and TEM/STEM capabilities for soft materials, small-angle x-ray scattering, and in the cleanroom, advanced optical profilometry. (See the “What’s New” section of this newsletter to learn more about some of these new instruments.) Also, beginning with this proposal call, we will be piloting a process for CNMS users to request beamtime for neutron scattering experiments within their CNMS proposal. Applications for neutron beamtime will be based on a new Neutron Scattering appendix very similar in form to the SHaRE Appendix that has been available for several years for CNMS users to request microscopy time at SHaRE.

Future proposal calls are planned for twice annually with deadlines in early May and mid-October to apply for CNMS access commencing on August 1 and February 1 respectively. Accordingly, the next subsequent proposal deadline will be May 4, 2011, to apply for access starting August 1, 2011.


Details of Last Call (2010B)

The CNMS received 89 new user proposals in response to its March 2010 call. Based on the results of email reviews by members of the CNMS Proposal Review Committee, 60 proposals were selected to receive facility time during the 12-month period beginning June 1, 2010. The CNMS continues to support just over 200 ongoing user projects that are selected during its biannual proposal calls.

For details of current User projects click here


Call for User Proposals: Neutron Scattering Science

- closed on Wednesday, August 25, for experiment period January - May 2011
- the next proposal deadline is Wednesday, March 2, 2011, for experiment period June - November 2011