Upcoming Events: Annual User Meeting 2010

2010 User Meeting to be part of weeklong focus on materials for energy at ORNL

Planning is well underway for ORNL Users Week, which is scheduled for the week of September 13-17, 2010, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The overall theme for Users Week this year will be Solar Energy and Energy Storage. The CNMS is partnering with several other user facilities at ORNL to define a program that will be of broad interest to users of these facilities, including the Spallation Neutron Source, High Flux Isotope Reactor, Shared Research Equipment Facility, High Temperature Materials Laboratory, and others.

The first day of Users Week (Monday, 9/13) will be dedicated to presentations on the scientific basis for meeting emerging needs in solar energy and energy storage, with an emphasis on promoting awareness of the variety of relevant research capabilities at ORNL that are available to facility users and other collaborators working in these areas.

The program on Tuesday, 9/14, will feature a day-long Nanoscience session that focuses on CNMS’s three Scientific Themes and CNMS users’ research, while the Solar Energy and Energy Storage theme also continues in parallel with an emphasis on applied research needs and opportunities.

The remainder of the week, 9/15-17, will be devoted to a menu of focused workshops and tutorials, many of which will be of interest to CNMS users. In particular, CNMS staff members are directly involved in organizing three workshops on the topics of “Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications,” “Next Generation Force Fields for Nanoscience,” and “Organic Photovoltaics.”

Attendance at any or all of the above Users Week events will be covered by a single registration so please look for the official Users Week announcement coming soon.

For those who are interested, there will also be a separate workshop on “Neutron Methods for Studies in Catalysis” at the Spallation Neutron Source on Thursday and Friday of the same week, 9/16-17; a separate registration will be required for the Catalysis event only.

Please make plans now to attend some or all of ORNL Users Week 2010, and especially the Nanoscience session on Tuesday, September 14.

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