Director's Message

At the 2009 user meeting, the user community elected an Executive Committee to guide the group. They have been busy designing the content of this newsletter, planning for the next user meeting, advising us, and producing great science. The UEC serves as the official voice of the CNMS user community to CNMS's management and stakeholders. Users are encouraged to contact any member of the UEC with their suggestions for enhancing the benefits the community receives from CNMS. For more information, see the CNMS User Group page. Let me introduce them to you.

At Large members

Past Chair, ex officio member Hai-Ping Cheng (University of Florida)

After a busy year of management transitions and peer review, we're looking forward to working closely with current and prospective users to improve all aspects of CNMS scientific and user operations.

In addition to your direct comments, we hope to get together with many of you at our upcoming User Meeting in September.

I look forward to seeing you at the CNMS!

Mike Simonson

Interim Director