Message from the UEC Chair

Mark Dadmun, University of Tennessee

Mark Dadmun


The availability of user centers such as the CNMS to the nanoscale research community offers the only opportunity for many scientists to make progress on a broad range of exciting, cutting edge research projects. The facilities and staff expertise at CNMS are just not readily available to most investigators or small research teams. Having been a user at CNMS since its start, it is clear to me the obvious advantages of becoming an active user, and I hope that you will too. The success of CNMS is strongly dependent on the cutting-edge projects and proposals of its growing user base.



The User Executive Committee (UEC) is your voice to the user center, and we want to hear from you. The UEC has monthly conference calls with the CNMS leaders, and bring up ideas for improvement or concerns of the users, but we cannot pass along your thoughts if we do not hear from you. Please feel free to contact anyone on the UEC Committee to voice your thoughts and opinion. Also, we will periodically update the on-line user survey that provides the UEC with valuable feedback to help the CNMS advance its capabilities as a leading nanoscale research center.

Finally, plan to attend the CNMS users meeting in September and keep up to date on the exciting research and additions at CNMS with the Newsletters.

I hope to see you at CNMS