Message from our outgoing UEC Chair


As the year concludes, and the term for the current UEC comes to a close, I would like to thank the users for their participation in the continued success and improvement of the CNMS. The current committee has some notable progress to show. Regular publication of CNMS newsletters is one of them, and this is the third issue. The committee had held regular monthly meetings to discuss user issues throughout the year, and helped organize the successful User Meeting in September. The results of the user survey we conducted are presented in this issue.



The UEC elections have just concluded, and our users community has elected a new committee to serve us. It is my pleasure to introduce the new Chair, Prof. Mark Dadmun from the University of Tennessee and the new committee he will head in the coming year.

Mark Dadmun

Chair – Mark Dadmun (U. Tennessee)
Vice-Chair– Martyn McLachlan (Imperial College, London)
Secretary– Tony Hmelo (Vanderbilt U.)

At-Large Members –
   Nina Balke (ORNL/CNMS)
   David Bucknall (Georgia Tech)
   Marco Buongiorno Nardelli (North Carolina State U.)
   Michael Hickner (Penn State U.)
   Ron Jones (NIST)
   Vivek Prabhu (NIST)
   Colin Wolden (Colorado School of Mines)
 Past Chair, ex officio member– Venkatraman Gopalan (Pennsylvania State U.)

This is a fantastic group of people, and would do well to represent us. As the chairman of the outgoing UEC committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the users for giving us the opportunity to serve. It has been immensely pleasurable, and productive. We hope that CNMS will continue to go from strength to strength from here, and we the users will continue to play a pivotal role in that process.



Venkatraman Gopalan
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering,
Pennsylvania State University