Sergei V. Kalinin Wins ACerS Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars

Sergei V. Kalinin, who is a member of the Imaging Functionality Group in the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences Division, will be honored at the 111th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), October 26, 2009, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars. Dr. Kalinin is cited for "seminal contributions in understanding ferroelectric and transport behavior in ceramics and thin-film oxides on the nanoscale through development of novel scanning probe microscopy methods." The award is presented to outstanding young ceramics scientists in honor of the late Professor Coble, whose enthusiasm and creative energy were directed at putting the field of ceramics on a sound scientific foundation. This is the second major award Sergei receives from ACerS, following the Ross Coffin Purdy award in 2003 for development of scanning impedance microscopy - a method for studying frequency dependent transport on the nanoscale.

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