Proposal Cycle 2014B: expire July 31, 2015

Proposal Cycle 2014A: expire January 31, 2015

Proposal Cycle 2013B (extended): expire July 31, 2015

Proposal Cycle 2013A (extended): expire January 31, 2015

Proposal Cycle 2014B: expire July 31, 2015

Partition of Mn and Al between M3C, M23C6 and ferrite during eutectoid decomposition in Fe-C-Mn-Al light steels
Carlos Capdevila Montes, National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC)  [CNMS2014-201]

Understand proton exchange membrane morphology and its influence on ion transport in membrane 
Thomas Zawodzinski, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-203]

The crystallography of carbon supersaturated ferrite in a nanocrystalline bainitic steels 
Francisca Garcia Caballero, National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) [CNMS2014-205]

Application for access to LEAP and FIB for experimental validation of theoretical computation and understanding of solidification process 
Qingfeng Xing, Ames Laboratory [CNMS2014-206]

Atomic resolution investigation of multiferroic oxide thin films and interfaces by STEM-EELS
Maria Varela del Arco, ORNL [CNMS2014-207]

Developing M1/M2 heterostructure catalysts for propane (amm)oxidation reactions 
Vadim Guilants, University of Cincinnati [CNMS2014-208]

Structure-Property Relationship for Pd-based Nanocrystals at the Atomic Scale 
Younan Xia, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-209]

Controlling the movement of nanoscale metallic dropplets: a theoretical study 
Humberto Terrones, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  [CNMS2014-210]

Non-linearity studies in PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 (001)-, (101)-, and (111)-oriented films 
Lane Martin, University of Illinois and University of California, Berkeley [CNMS2014-211]

Anomalous Domain Response During Ferroelectric Switching in Compositionally Graded Heterostructures with Large Built-in Potentials 
Lane Martin, University of Illinois and University of California, Berkeley [CNMS2014-212]

Nanoscale Origins of Collective Domain Wall Response in Expitaxial Thin Films Under High-Bias Fields 
Lane Martin, University of Illinois and University of California, Berkeley [CNMS2014-213]

Understanding the Transport of Nanoparticles in Nano-Post Arrays as Models for Porous Media
Ramanan Krishnamoorti, University of Houston [CNMS2014-214]

Swift heavy ion-irradiation induced defect formation study in complex oxides
William Weber, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-215]

Microscopic insights into the functionality of energy-related nano-materials 
Wu Zhou, ORNL [CNMS2014-216]

Defect dynamics and functionalities in 2D materials 
Wu Zhou, ORNL [CNMS2014-217]

Understanding Transport in New Thermoelectric Polymers  
Shannon Yee, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-218]

Atomic Programming of Defect Superstructure in Semiconductor Nanowires  
Michael Filler, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-219]

Characterization of highly ordered liquid crystalline epoxy resins aligned under high magnetic fields
Michael Kessler, Washington State University [CNMS2014-220]

Structure dependence of C-H bond activation in methanol reactions on CeO2 
Steve Overbury, ORNL [CNMS2014-223]

Atomic-scale interpretation of the ionic transport behaviors in the NASICON-type Li-ion-conducting solid electrolytes 
Cheng Ma, ORNL [CNMS2014-224]

Electronic and magnetic structure of Cu-doped NaFeAs 
Pengcheng Dai, Rice University [CNMS2014-225]

Preventing In-Plane Frost Growth with Chemical Micropatterns 
Jonathan Boreyko, Virginia Tech [CNMS2014-227]

Microfluidic chips for studies of cellular organization in Escherichia coli
Jaan Mannik, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-229]

Periodic, Quasiperiodic, and Aperiodic All-dielectric Metasurfaces 
Yuri Kivshar, Australian National University [CNMS2014-232]

Topologically nontrivial edge states in photonics
Yuri Kivshar, Australian National University [CNMS2014-233]

Probing local ferroelectricity in methylammonium lead halide thin films 
Riccardo Comin, University of Toronto [CNMS2014-234]

Microstructure of shear bands in Ti-6Al-4V machine chips 
Judy Schneider, Mississippi State University [CNMS2014-235]

Transport phenomena in magnetic nanostructures induced by the spin-orbit coupling 
Alan Kalitsov, University of Alabama [CNMS2014-236]

Atomic-scale solute mapping of austenitic LWR structural materials before irradiation 
Greg Frederick, Electric Power Research Institute  [CNMS2014-237]

Modification of the Acid-base Properties of Shape-controlled CeO2 
Steve Overbury, ORNL [CNMS2014-238]

Stability of Nanoclusters in Metal Matrices under Extreme Environments 
Michael Miller, ORNL [CNMS2014-239]

Ex-situ TEM study of interfaces in solid-state lithium-ion batteries
Juchuan Li, ORNL [CNMS2014-240]

Modelling Materials for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion
Djamaladdin Musaev, Emory University [CNMS2014-241]

Investigation of ionic liquid structure using AFM force volume mapping 
Jennifer Black, ORNL [CNMS2014-242]

Spin-fluctuation theory based studies of odd-parity pairing in iron-based superconductors 
Peter Hirschfeld, University of Florida [CNMS2014-243]

Influence of SO2 and SO2+KCl on the oxidation behavior of a FeCrAl alloy
Kristina Hellstrom, Chalmers Universitry of Technology  [CNMS2014-244]

Understanding the role of novel surface coatings onto Nd2Fe14B permanent magnets with improved magnetic properties  
Parans Paranthaman, ORNL [CNMS2014-245]

Topological phases and time-dependence in strongly-correlated electron systems
Luis Dias da Silva, University of Sao Paulo [CNMS2014-246]

Correlation of ionic transport and crystallographic structure using Electrochemical Strain Microscopy 
Qian Li, ORNL [CNMS2014-247]

Combing Analytical Electron Microscopy with First Principles Computation for Investigating High Energy Density Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries 
Danna Qian, University of California, San Diego [CNMS2014-250]

Radio frequency properties of single DNA molecules 
Pingshan Wang, Clemson University [CNMS2014-251]

Atomic resolution strain and composition mapping of InAs/GaSb strained superlattices 
Jian-Min Zuo, University of Iliinois at Urbana-Champaign [CNMS2014-254]

Correlation of nanoscale ionic transport and macroscopic state of charge in LiCoO2 using Electrochemical Strain Microscopy 
Nina Balke, ORNL [CNMS2014-255]

Investigation into the BCC Structure of Iron and its anomalies above 400 K 
Nicholas Jones, Naval Surface Warfare Center [CNMS2014-256]

Odd triplet superconductivity in Nb/Py/SmFe/Py/Nb Josephson Junction 
Jiyeong Gu, California State University, Long Beach [CNMS2014-257]

A New Approach to Advanced Steels via Cluster and Precipitate Strengthening 
Ilana Timokhina, Deakin University [CNMS2014-259]

Exploration of the nanostructures of melanins - natural conducting polymers
Fei Ren, Temple University [CNMS2014-261]

Measuring the structural dependence of dopant diffusion in a semicrystalline polymer 
Adam Moule, University of California, Davis [CNMS2014-262]

Nanostructured thin film catalysts for highly active and durable fuel cell cathodes
Radoslav Atanasoki, 3M Corporation [CNMS2014-265]

Understanding How a Nanostructure’s Shape Impacts its Stability, Ion Release, and Aggregation in Aquatic Ecosystems   
Eric Formo, University of Georgia [CNMS2014-266]

Nano scale control of magnetism with electric field in multiferroic field effect device for spintronics 
Robert Dynes, University of California, San Diego [CNMS2014-267]

Interfacial Electronic and Transport Properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride – Graphene Interface 
Kendal Clark, Central Methodist University [CNMS2014-268]

Influence of Ni on the carburization of MoO3 and catalytic properties of resulting carbides 
Jae-Soon Choi, ORNL [CNMS2014-269]

Direct probing and polarization control of proton mobility in ferroelectric polymer films (PVDF-TrFE) 
Maxim Silibin, National Research University of Electronic Technology [CNMS2014-270]

Nucleation sequence and growth behavior of the Cu/NiAl co-precipitates in nano-steels
C.T. City University of Hong Kong [CNMS2014-271]

Towards the understanding of structure-property relationship in graphene oxide quantum dots
Stefano Agnoli, University of Padova [CNMS2014-272]

Tunneling Electroresistance in BiFeO3 La1-xSrxMnO3 heterojunctions 
Thomas Ward, ORNL [CNMS2014-273]

Atomic Structure and Dynamic Motion of Cu-graphene Interface During Growth of Graphene Layers  Sang Ho Oh, POSTECH [CNMS2014-274]

Effect of Initial Texture on Torsional Behavior of a Wrought AZ31B Magnesium Alloy using Electron Backscatter Diffraction 
Ke An, ORNL [CNMS2014-276]

Silicon on Insulator Waveguide Circuits for Entangling Gates and Quantum Information Proccessing
Amos Smith, ORNL [CNMS2014-277]

Planar THz Plasmonic Lenses 
Nezih Pala, Florida International University [CNMS2014-280]

Fabrication of Silicon Photonics Based Tunable Solid State THz Sources  
Nezih Pala, Florida International University [CNMS2014-281]

Functional and microstructural characterization of far-from-equilibrium processed, nano-crystalline lead zirconante titante (PZT) films  
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-282]

Characterization of Heteroepitaxial Graphene on Large-Area, Single-Crystal-like Substrates
Amit Goyal, ORNL [CNMS2014-283]

Assembly of Semiconducting Small Molecules by Hydrogen Bonding  
Jiangeng Xue, University of Florida [CNMS2014-286]

Analytical mapping of plasmonic effects in single nanostructures through electron microscopy 
Jordan Hachtel, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-287]

Characterization of ionic liquid-formed tribofilms on metallic bearing surfaces
Jun Qu, ORNL [CNMS2014-288]

Geometric Control and Optimization of Flexoelectricity in Patterned BST Thin Films
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-289]

High Resolution STEM Imaging for Quantitative Strain Mapping of Interfaces in High-Mn Austenitic Steels 
James Wittig, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-291]

Atomic scale study of composite layered materials for energy applications 
Rohan Mishra, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-292]

Doping engineering of two dimensional layered materials
Mauricio Terrones, Penn State University [CNMS2014-293]

Combining Analytical Electron Microscopy with First Principles Computation for Investigating the Coating Effects in High Energy Density Cathode Materials in Lithium Ion Batteries 
Shirley Meng, University of California, San Diego [CNMS2014-294]

Microscopic and Optoelectronic Characterization of Suspended Graphene Nanostructures
Yaqiong Xu, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-295]

Evaluation of precipiates formed in Al 5xxx alloys using 3D APT 
Michael Free, University of Utah [CNMS2014-296]

Fabrication of Graphene-based Microfluidic Chips to Probe Individual Synapses 
Deyu Li, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-297]

Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Studies of Polysaccharide Monooxygenase in Complex with Cellobiose Dehydrogenase
Flora Meilleur, North Carolina State University [CNMS2014-298]

Ferroelectric properties of KTaO3 thin films under strain 
S.S.A.Seo, University of Kentucky [CNMS2014-299]

Highly Interspersed Platinum/Ceria Catalysts via Supercritical Fluid Deposition 
Christy West, University of South Alabama [CNMS2014-300]

Nanostructured Carbons as Structural Templating Agents for Solid Proton Conductors 
Alexander Papandrew, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-301]

Nanoscale Chemical Mapping of Templated Vapor-Grown Alloy Nanotubes 
Alexander Papandrew, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-302]

Possibility of gold-adatom chemistry in gold-catalyzed CO-oxidation 
John Yates, University of Virginia [CNMS2014-303]

Analysis of crystal growth layers on barite surfaces with different crystallographic orientations
Jose Godinho, ORNL [CNMS2014-305]

Reducible Versus Irreducible Transition Metal Cation Activation of Carbonyl Compounds for Nucleophilic Attack Mechanisms Such As Aldol Condensation 
Aditya Savara, ORNL [CNMS2014-306]

The morphology and device performances of small-molecule bulk heterojunction solar cells incorporating metallic nanoparticles 
Nuradhika Herath, ORNL [CNMS2014-308]

Design of Metal Complexes for the Functionalization of Hydrocarbons 
Xuan Zhao, University of Memphis [CNMS2014-309]

Systematic study of octahedarl tilt bahavior in epitaxial LaCoO3 films : strain, critical thickness and heterointerface effects 
Albina Borisevich, ORNL [CNMS2014-310]

Investigation of Shape-controlled Nanocrystal Formation by Seeded Methods using In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 
Sara Skrabalak, Indiana University [CNMS2014-311]

Introduction of Ca to Improve Li Intercalation in Graphyne and Graphdiyne
Steven Stuart, Clemson University [CNMS2014-312]

Atom Probe Tomography Analysis of Depth Profiles in Genesis Mission Implants and Samples 
Kimberly Kuhlman, Planetary Science Institute [CNMS2014-313]

Investigating exchange interactions in (111)-oriented perovskite oxide superlattices
Yayoi Takamura, University of California, Davis [CNMS2014-314]

Nano-scale Understanding of Steel Microstructures Produced by Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) 
Amy Clarke, Los Alamos National Laboratory  [CNMS2014-318]

Characterization of novel Co-Pd catalysts prepared by heterogenization of homogeneous catalyst
J .J. Spivey, Louisiana State University [CNMS2014-319]

Injectable magnetic field microinductors for osteoarthritic articular cartilage engineering 
James Fleming, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-321]

Exploring the origin of superconductivity in CaCuO2/SrTiO3 superlattices 
Claudia Cantoni, ORNL [CNMS2014-322]

Investigation of ferroelectricity in complex oxides epitaxially  grown on semiconductors (Si, SiGe) 
Catherine Dubourdieu, CNRS - Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon  [CNMS2014-323]

Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials for Use in Radiation Sensing 
Mark Pierson, Virginia Tech [CNMS2014-324]

Quantum-enhanced plasmonic ultra-trace sensors 
Raphael Pooser, ORNL [CNMS2014-327]

In-situ fabrication of graphene-based nanocomposites and their energy storage properties
Kuibo Yin, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-328]

Experimental studies on magnetoelectric coupling from doped 2D surfaces in excited states
Bin Hu, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-332]

Strain and Orientation Effects on Redox Reations in Epitaxial SrCoOx Oxygen Sponges 
Ho Nyung Lee, ORNL [CNMS2014-333]

Deterministic junction formation in the fusion of graphene with carbon nanotubes 
Gyula Eres, ORNL [CNMS2014-336]

Nitrogen Functionalized, Nanoporous Graphene for Separations 
Shannon Mahurin, ORNL [CNMS2014-337]

Influence of Defects on 2D Heterostructures 
Gerd Duscher, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-339]

Investigating the Crystal Growth Mechanism of 3D Manganese Hydroxide/Oxide Mesocrystals 
John Wiley, University of New Orleans [CNMS2014-342]

Local ferroelectric-like behavior in HfO2 bulk ceramics and thin films 
Jacob Jones, North Carolina State University [CNMS2014-343]

Ultrafast laser synthesis of alloy nanoparticles 
Chris Rouleau, ORNL [CNMS2014-344]

FM-AFM magnetic coupling at the NdMnO3/SrMnO3 interface 
Artur Glavic, ORNL [CNMS2014-345]

Atom Probe Tomography Investigations on the Stability of Oxygen-rich Nanoparticles in Post-aging and Post-straining Austenitic ODS Steels 
James Stubbins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [CNMS2014-346]

Novel amphiphillic block-copolymer bottlebrushes: a systematic exploration of their size and assembly behavior in solution  
Rafael Verduzco, Rice University [CNMS2014-347]

Investigation of Local Electric Behavior of Low Density Polyethylene Surfaces with Open Loop KPFM Thilo Glatzel, University of Basel [CNMS2014-348]

In Situ TEM Study of Two-Dimensional Transitional Metal Chalcogenide Crystal Growth in a Novel Confined Microchamber  
Masoud Mahjouri-Samani, ORNL [CNMS2014-349]

Microstructural of a Physical Gel 
Santanu Kundu, Mississippi State University [CNMS2014-350]

Real-time studies of the switching mechanism of nanotwinned domains in (111) oriented PZT film using in-situ TEM/STEM
Albina Borisevich, ORNL [CNMS2014-351]

Development of Non-Precious Metal Fuel Cell Cathodes 
Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory  [CNMS2014-352]

Manganese Dissolution Fundamentals and Mitigation in Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Cells
Jung-Hyun Kim, General Motors Global Research & Development Center  [CNMS2014-353]

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Ultrasmall Nanoparticle-Based Functional Oxide Nanostructure Architectures and Thin Films 
Dave Geohegan, ORNL [CNMS2014-355]

Study on Protection of Lithium Metal using Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition
Chunmei Ban, National Renewable Energy Laboratory [CNMS2014-356]

In situ probing of nanoscopic objects and electrochemical processes in reactive liquids and liquid electrolytes using Near-Field Microwave Microscopy 
Andrei Kolmakov, National Institute of Standards and Technology [CNMS2014-357]

Reduction Behavior Study using in situ XRD on Cobalt Copper Containing Catalysts and Performance Characterization of the Catalysts For Ethanol Production from Syngas 
J. J. Spivey, Louisiana State University [CNMS2014-358]

The effect of flexural phonons on mechanics of suspended graphene 
Kirill Bolotin, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-362]

Hybrid improper ferroelectricity in (SrTiO3)n/(CaTiO3)n superlattices: Crafting polar perovskite superlattices from non-polar building blocks 
Venkatraman Gopalan, Penn State University [CNMS2014-363]

Microstructure studies of grain-boundaries of transparent alumina ceramics
Yiquan Wu, Alfred University [CNMS2014-364]

Fundamental Understanding of High Band Gap ACIGS and CZTS During Synthesis 
Timothy Anderson, University of Florida [CNMS2014-366]

Manufacturing porous carbon structures with controllable pore morphology for characterization of polymer melt penetration 
Yucheng Peng, Clemson University [CNMS2014-367]

Photoelectrochemical Characterizations using Photosystem I (PS I)/photocatalyst systems immobilized on self-assembled monolayer (SAM)/ gold substrates  
Bamin Khomami, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-368]

Submicron scale imaging of intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to the dielectric response of PZT ceramics 
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-369]

Probing interface conductivity in structurally perfect oxide-nitride heteroepitaxy 
Christopher Shelton, North Carolina State University [CNMS2014-370]

Scanning Probe Microscopy Investigation of Semiconductor Metalattices 
John Badding, Penn State University [CNMS2014-371]

Structural distortion in lanthanium cobaltite thin films and its impact on magnetic ordering 
Liang Qiao, ORNL [CNMS2014-372]

Temperature Effects on the Deformation Dynamics of High Entropy Alloys 
Peter Liaw, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-373]

The effect of grain size and boundary character on the interfacial structure and composition of Ni-Fe-Cr based FCC alloys subjected to high temperatures and irradiation
Mitra Taheri, Drexel University [CNMS2014-375]

The growing and aggregation of conjugated polymers influenced by the polyelectrolyte 
Dan Zhu, Nanjing Normal Unviersity [CNMS2014-378]

Realization of Large Scale 2D and 3D Dielectric Metamaterials
Jason Valentine, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-379]

Realization of Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces 
Jason Valentine, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-380]

Bandgap narrowing of TiO2 by non-compensated codoping using a V-C pair 
Gyula Eres, ORNL [CNMS2014-381]

Understanding the effects of electron-phonon coupling and defects on thermal transport in 2D materials 
Satish Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-382]

Characterization of Advanced Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow and Zinc-Air Batteries
Ramez Elgammal, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-384]

In situ TEM Studies of Fundamental Mechanisms of Nanoparticle Oriented Attachment, Diffusion, and Fusion    
Dave Geohegan, ORNL [CNMS2014-385]

Atomic Scale Analysis of Bimetallic Catalysts by Aberration-Corrected Transmission Electron Microscopy 
Volkan Ortalan, Purdue University [CNMS2014-386]

Synthesis and Characterization of "Onion"-like Star-sharped Block Copolymer  
Mi Zhou, Zhejiang University of Technology  [CNMS2014-387]

Work-hardening Profile of Single-phase CrCoFeNi High-Entropy Alloy 
Peter Liaw, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-389]

Structural and electronic properties of ultra-thin films of organic charge transfer complex 
Seokmin Jeon, ORNL [CNMS2014-390]

Understanding the Surface Structure of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 – Based Spinel Materials for Li-Ion Batteries  Paulo Ferreira, University of Texas, Austin [CNMS2014-391]

In situ Imaging of Li-ion Nanobattery Cycling at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures 
Beth Guiton, University of Kentucky [CNMS2014-392]

Direct Imaging of the Evolution and Functionality of Plasmonic Nanowire Heterostructures 
Beth Guiton, University of Kentucky [CNMS2014-393]

Real time measurements of growth kinetics in chemical vapor deposition of graphene  
Gyula Eres, ORNL [CNMS2014-394]

Investigations of effects of growth and processing conditions on atomic-scale surface structure of La5/8Ca3/8MnO3 thin film grown by PLD 
Alexander Tselev, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-395]

High Performance Simulations of Self-Assembly and Electron Transport
Jerry Bernholc, North Carolina State University [CNMS2014-396]

Measuring magnetic ordering of materials with subnanometer spatial resolution  
Juan-Carlos Idrobo, ORNL [CNMS2014-398]

The effect of water on carbon dioxide capture using aprotic heterocyclic anion based ionic liquids: an ab intio molecular dynamics study 
William Schneider, University of Notre Dame [CNMS2014-400]

SANS Study on the Miscibility and Structure of SBR/BR Blends 
Craig Burkhart, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company  [CNMS2014-401]

Proposal Cycle 2014A: expire January 31, 2015

Magnetoelectric effect with strain stimulation at nanoscale using SEMPA
Rui Lopes, National Physical Laboratory, UK [CNMS2014-001]

Solid State NMR Studies of Novel Li Ion Conductors
Steven Greenbaum, Hunter College of the City University of New York [CNMS2014-003]

Effect of Heavy Ion Irradiation on Microstructural Evolution in CF8 Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel
Meimei Li, Argonne National Laboratory [CNMS2014-004]

The cuprate pseudogap and its relation to superconductivity
Doug Scalapino, University of California [CNMS2014-006]

Nanofabricated porous media analogs for screening enhanced oil recovery strategies
Keith Neeves, Colorado School of Mines [CNMS2014-007]

Spatial Confinement of Colloids in Deterministically Paterned Grating Nanostructures  studied by Neutron Spin Echo Scattering Angle Measurement
Roger Pynn, Indiana University [CNMS2014-010]

Tuning electronic and ionic conductivity of metal sulfides
Chengdu Liang, ORNL [CNMS2014-011]

Structure-processing-properties relationships under heavy-ion and helium irradiation
Chad Parish, ORNL [CNMS2014-012]

Investigation of Oxygen Contents in Various Phases in g-TiAl by atom Probe Tomography
Gopal Das, Pratt & Whitney [CNMS2014-014]

Studies of porous-shell layered pillar arrays capable of capillary action and chemical separations
Michael Sepaniak, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-015]

Effects of porosity and chemically-selective coatings on fields surrounding axially illuminated nanopillars
Michael Sepaniak, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-016]

Nanostructuring of Natural Spidroin-like Protein Based Fibers- Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships
Marian Kennedy, Clemson University [CNMS2014-018]

High-Resolution STEM and Elemental Mapping to study the effects of Mo domain size and dispersion over a family of carbon and MgAl-oxide catalysts for higher alcohol production
Christopher Jones, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-020]

Investigating the relationship between nanoporous structures and mass transport across graphene membranes
Rohit Karnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-021]

A dual-mode microtensiometer for simultaneous measurement of monolayer and bilayer tensions in droplet interface bilayers
Andy Sarles, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-022]

The Conductivity, Raman, UV Spectra and Morphology of Polymerized Acetonitrile under High Pressure
Haiyan Zheng, Carnegie Institution of Washington [CNMS2014-023]

In situ Study of Nanostructured Pt Catalysts for Methanol Decomposition
Yu Lei, University of Alabama in Huntsville [CNMS2014-024]

Mesoporous nanostructured architectures of boron nitride for the optimized cyclotron generation and capture of carbon-11 radionuclides 
Bruce Wieland, BTI Targetry LLC [CNMS2014-025]

Bio-Inspired Molecular Manganese-Calcium Catalysts for Water Oxidation
Yujie Sun, Utah State University [CNMS2014-026]

Nanofluidic chips fabrication for flow behavior study under nano-scale porous media
Baojun Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology [CNMS2014-027]

Identification of selective binding motifs in nanoporous metal-organic frameworks
David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-029]

Phase Stability of Vanadium Dioxide on the Nanoscale
Richard Haglund, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-030]

DRIE Silicon Micropillars for Transdermal Drug Delivery
Joe DeSimone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [CNMS2014-031]

Bottom up meets top down: Organization of colloidal silica nanorods using lithographic patterns
Jaswinder Sharma, ORNL [CNMS2014-032]

Immobilisation of DNA aptamers at DNA origami and the investigation their affinity properties toward detection of proteins and small molecules
Tibor Hianik, Comenius University Bratislava  [CNMS2014-033]

Investigation of Spinel Oxides as the Novel Cathode for New Generation Mutivalent Batteries
Paul Fenter, Argonne National Laboratory [CNMS2014-034]

Nanoscale analysis of transition metal oxide nanoparticles and bi-magnetic core/shell nanoparticles
Manual Roldan Gutierrez, University Complutense Madrid [CNMS2014-035]

Atomic-Scale Characterization of As-Quenched, Devitrified, and Shocked Ce-Al Metallic Glass
Naresh Thadhani, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-036]

Multifrequency Scanning Probe Microscopy Study of Agglomeration in Nanodiamond Particles
Vasudeva Rao Aravind, Clarion University [CNMS2014-037]

Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Zwitterionic Polymer Vesicles
Todd Emrick, University of Massachusetts Amherst [CNMS2014-038]

Emergence of Geometric Multiferroicity in Epitaxially Stabilized Rare-earth Nickelate(111) Thin Films
Chang-Beom Eom, University of Wisconsin-Madison [CNMS2014-039]

The formation mechanism for nano-size precipitates during homogenization in 6000 series Al alloys 
Tongguang Zhai, University of Kentucky [CNMS2014-040]

Direct Imaging of SEI Forming Mechanisms in Lithium Ion Batteries
Raymond Unocic, ORNL [CNMS2014-041]

Thermal Transport through Nanoscale Point Contact between Individual Nanostructures
Deyu Li, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-042]

Advanced characterization of novel thermosponsive block polyelectrolytes and their complexes with protein
Stergios Pispas, National Hellenic Research Foundation-NHRF  [CNMS2014-044]

Study of the electronic and the magnetic structure of oxide thin films by aberration-corrected STEM-EELS
Jaume Gazquez Alabart, Materials Science Intitute of Barcelona (ICMAB) [CNMS2014-045]

Variable temperature and atmosphere local electrochemical characterization of Sm doped CeO2 epitaxial thin films
Antonello Tebano, University of Rome Tor Vergata [CNMS2014-046]

BiFeO3 in single ferroelectric polarization and anti-ferromagnetic axis state
Zhiwei Hu, Max-Planck Institut [CNMS2014-047]

Characterization of Atomic Layer Deposited Barrier Films
Samuel Graham, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-050]

Computational and experimental approach to predict and investigate phase behavior in side chain liquid crystalline polymers
Rajeswari M. Kasi, University of Connecticut [CNMS2014-051]

Nanofabrication for DNA nanomotherboards assemblage
Piero Morales, ENEA-NAST Center [CNMS2014-052]

Electrochemical nanowriting of superconducting tracks on La2CuO4+δ epitaxial films and La2CuO4+δ/Ce0.8Sm0.2O2 heterostructures 
Carmela Aruta, National Research Council, CNR-SPIN  [CNMS2014-053]

Neat and nano-filled block copolymer thin films for ultra-high energy density capacitors
Alamgir Karim, University of Akron [CNMS2014-055]

Real Time, In-situ Visualization of the Response of Multifunctional, Nanostructured Membranes to External Stimuli 
William A. Phillip, University of Notre Dame  [CNMS2014-056]

The Photophysics and Photochemistry  of 2D Materials
Linyou Cao, North Carolina State University  [CNMS2014-057]

Atomic scale simulation of peptide adhesion on selected surfaces
Francesco Buonocore, ENEA-NAST Center [CNMS2014-058]

Ionic effects on conductance and peizoresponse of controlled ZnO surfaces
Martyn McLachlan, Imperial College London [CNMS2014-059]

In-Depth Studies on CO2 Chemical Conversion by Metal-Organic Frameworks using Operando FT-IR 
Shengqian Ma, University of South Florida  [CNMS2014-060]

Direct Imaging of Ionic Transport in Porous Carbon Electrodes with in situ ec-STEM
Raymond Unocic, ORNL [CNMS2014-061]

Scanning probe microscopy measurements on size dependent energy level changes in heterostructured nanomaterials 
Joseph M. Luther, National Renewable Energy Laboratory  [CNMS2014-062]

Self-assembled nanocages via ion-pair coordination
Radu Custelcean, ORNL [CNMS2014-063]

Structure & electronic activity correlation of a solid-state nanocrystalline TiO2 nanotube array photovoltaic device
Sandra J. Rosenthal, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2014-064]

PCBM PCBM Crystalllization Dynamics and Surface Enrichment in P3HT:PCBM Thin Films During Annealing Under Soft Confinement
Alamgir Karim, University of Akron [CNMS2014-065]

Microscopic transport study of anisotropic electronic structure in Sr2IrO4 thin films 
S.S.A. Seo, University of Kentucky [CNMS2014-067]

Deposition of gadolinium-doped ceria films for ionically controlled electronic devices
Steven May, Drexel University [CNMS2014-068]

Highly Photoresponse Devices Based on Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials of Layered Metal Chalcogenides
Kai Xiao, ORNL [CNMS2014-069]

Supported single atom catalysis - NO oxidation on single Pt group atoms on theta-alumina
Chaitanya K. Narula, ORNL [CNMS2014-070]

Validation of Novel, Solution-Based Technique for Measuring the Electrical Properties of Nanowires and Nanotubes
Jerry Shan, Rutgers University [CNMS2014-071]

Characterization of Al 5xxx alloy precipitates from long-term, low temperature thermal exposure
Michael L. Free, University of Utah [CNMS2014-072]

Investigating Structure-Property Relationship in Metal Oxide Nanoparticle-based Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Material
Yue Wu, Purdue University [CNMS2014-073]

Spontaneous Dewetting of Condensate Impaled in Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Jonathan Boreyko, ORNL [CNMS2014-074]

Graphene-Based Transistors for Analog Computing: A Novel Application
I. Kravchenko, ORNL [CNMS2014-075]

Continuous Cell-Free Production of Therapeutic Proteins
Mitchel J. Doktycz, ORNL [CNMS2014-079]

Frost formation on polarized nanostructured interfaces
Polyzos Gerogios, ORNL [CNMS2014-080]

Asymmetric Wettability of Nano and Microstructures Directs Leidenfrost Droplets
Rebecca Agapov, ORNL [CNMS2014-081]

Spatial Coordination of Microbial Species via Dry Lift-off and Microfluidic Patterning  
Ryan Hansen, Oak Ridge Associated Universities [CNMS2014-082]

Carbon Nanomaterial Microelectrodes for Neurotransmitter Sensing
B. Jill Venton, University of Virginia [CNMS2014-083]

Probing cell-free gene expression noise as functions of confinement and crowding
Pat Collier, ORNL [CNMS2014-086]

Atomic-scale characterizations of new semiconducting ferroelectric oxide perovskites
Jonathan Spanier, Drexel University [CNMS2014-088]

Transesterification reactions in polylactide/vegetable oil blends
Megan Robertson, University of Houston [CNMS2014-090]

In situ IR study of Rh/Silica catalyst for CO+NO reaction 
Franklin Tao, University of Notre Dame  [CNMS2014-091]

Identification of singly dispersed precious metal of single-atom catalysts
Franklin Tao, University of Notre Dame  [CNMS2014-092]

Simulation of Solar Wind Space Weathering in Lunar Analog Minerals
Kimberly Kuhlman, Planetary Science Institute [CNMS2014-093]

VACNF platform for cell impedance measurements
Nicole McFarlane, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-094]

Studies of domain imaging and dynamics in multiferroic heterostructures and composite thin films
Ram Katiyar, University of Puerto Rico [CNMS2014-095]

Imaging of magnetic domain structure in Multiferroic single phase and composite thin films  with scanning electron microscopy with polarisation analysis  (SEMPA)
Ram Katiyar, University of Puerto Rico [CNMS2014-096]

Investigation of the role of mass-difference interfacial scattering on thermal boundary conductance
Nicholas Roberts, Utah State University [CNMS2014-097]

Conversion of Cellulose I to Cellulose III using ammonia
Riddhi Shah, ORNL [CNMS2014-098]

Microstructural Characterization in Ferritic Superalloys with a Novel Hierarchical Structure Using Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy
Peter Liaw, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-099]

Investigating a role of topological solitons in local conductivity of one-dimensional change-density waves
Tae-Hwan Kim, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) [CNMS2014-100]

Structural Evolution of High Capacity Cathode Materials for Li-ion Battery
Jihui Yang, University of Washington  [CNMS2014-102]

Using STEM/EELS to Explore Plasmonic Fano-Resonances: Lithographic Preparation of Periodic Nanoparticle Arrays
Jon Camden, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-103]

Rapid Measurments of Material Properties Using Few-cycle regime AFM (FR-AFM) with Wavelet Transforms
Gabriele Ferrini, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore  [CNMS2014-104]

Compositional study of reverted austenite in a TRIP assisted carbon steel and a TRIP assisted supermartensitic stainless steel  
Antonio Ramirez, Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory  [CNMS2014-106]

Microstructure Stability of FCC, BCC, and B2 structures in the AlxCoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy System
Peter Liaw, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-107]

Cl and Cu Identification in CdTe Grain Boundaries Using Atom Probe Tomography
Jonathan Poplawsky, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-109]

Fundamentally Understanding and Quantifying the Demagnetization of Magnetic Nanomaterials by Photoexcitation
Wei David Wei, University of Florida [CNMS2014-111]

Microscopy of sodium anode materials
Gabriel Veith, ORNL [CNMS2014-112]

Ferroelectric characterization of (BaTiO3)(SrTiO3)n SrO Ruddlesden-Popper thin films
Darrell Scholm, Cornell University [CNMS2014-115]

Self-Assembly of Shape-Pesistent 2D Supramolecular Complexes
Alamgir Karim, University of Akron [CNMS2014-116]

Theoretical studies of the self-assembly of phenanthrenequinone  molecules on pristine and defective graphene 
Steve Overbury, ORNL [CNMS2014-117]

Evolution of Grain Boundary Character Distribution of Nickel 200
Jeffrey Evans, University of Alabama in Huntsville [CNMS2014-118]

Selection and Evolution of Crystal Orientation inThree-Phase Al-Ag-Cu Eutectic
Amber Genua, University of Alabama at Birmingham [CNMS2014-120]

Low thermal budget integration of metal oxide thin films for flexible sensor applications
Pooran Joshi, ORNL [CNMS2014-123]

Mechanism of Membrane Sealing by Biomimetic Phosphorylcholine-Containing Polymers
Jiayu Wang, University of Chicago [CNMS2014-124]

Synthesis of block copolymers, their self-assembly and application to PT Symmetric Optical Materials 
Edwin Thomas, Rice University [CNMS2014-125]

Dynamics of Branched Chains in thin Films
Bulent Akgun, National Institute of Standards and Technology [CNMS2014-126]

Synthesis of deuterated star-like block copolymer templated zinc oxide nanoparticles
Vivek Prabhu, National Institute of Standards and Technology [CNMS2014-127]

Nanometer-scale inverstigations of different coal grades by near-filed microwave microsocpy and piezoresponse force microscopy
Alexander Tselev, University of Tennessee [CNMS2014-129]

Effect of Li Content on the Cycling Performance of High Voltage, High Capacity LixMn1.5Ni0.5Oy Cathodes
Parans Paranthaman, ORNL [CNMS2014-130]

Crystal structure and microstructure characterizations of lithium aluminum double hydroxide chloride sorbent materials for lithium extraction
Parans Paranthaman, ORNL [CNMS2014-131]

Exploring the Topological Surface States of Kondo Insulator SmB6
Zhigang Jiang, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2014-132]

Correlation and spin-orbit interaction effects at selected SPINTRONICS INTERFACES: electronic structure and transport
Sergey Faleev, University of Alabama [CNMS2014-133]

Proposal Cycle 2013B (extended): expire July 31, 2015

Atomic scale study of the reduction of metal oxides         
Guangwen Zhou, State University of New York at Binghamton [CNMS2013-210]

Transparent anti-fogging nanostructured surfaces          
John Simpson, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-214]

Electromechanical response of geometrically-confined dielectric thin films: flexoelectric contributions
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-215]

Understanding the Nanostructure Arrangement Effect on the Catalytic CO Oxidation over ZnO Nano-array based Monolithic Catalysts 
Pu-Xian Gao, University of Connecticut [CNMS2013-217]

Chengdu Liang, ORNL [CNMS2013-228]

End-group analysis of regioregular poly(3-alkylthiophene)s to enable donor-acceptor conjugated block copolymers    
Enrique Gomez, Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2013-232]

Sok Pantelides, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-233]

Nanofluidic Transistors for Efficient Water Desalination           
Ivan Vlassiouk, ORNL [CNMS2013-237]

Symmetry assignment of Raman active phonon modes of rhombohedral Pb(Zr0.80Ti0.20)O3 single crystal            
Johannes Frantti, Aalto University [CNMS2013-241]

Fabrication of Free Standing Optical Nanoantenna Arrays for SERS and Single Molecule Spectroscopy    
Gyula Eres, ORNL [CNMS2013-245]

Microscopic studies of the field induced ferroelectric state in relaxor 0.87PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-0.13PbTiO3 single crystals
Vladimir Shvartsman, University of Duisburg-Essen [CNMS2013-251]

Selective labeling of plasmonic structures for biological imaging            
Christopher Richards, University of Kentucky [CNMS2013-254]

Local crystallization and patterning of ferroelectric 3D nanostructures via thermochemical nanolithography            
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-256]

Determination of molecular weight of new brush copolymers    
Rajeswari Kasi, University of Connecticut [CNMS2013-258]

Selective Deuteration of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) for Neutron-based Solution and Film Characterization with Ionic Liquids      
Ryan Murphy, Solvay  [CNMS2013-263]

Design of helical conjugated molecules as electrochemical actuators through computation chemistry
Miklos Kertesz, Georgetown University [CNMS2013-264]

Quantum effects of proton dynamics on adsorption of hydrogen on graphene            
Sophya Garashchuk, University of South Carolina [CNMS2013-274]

Experimental verification of enhancement of harmonic gereration and Raman processes in metal and semiconductor gratings and eps-near-zero materials  from visible to UV wavelengths 
Michael Scalora, U.S. Army, AMRDEC [CNMS2013-278]

Elemental and structural characterization of heterogeneous plasmonic nanostructures for ultrastable plasmonics applications
Ramki Kalyanaraman, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-284]

Photogenerated carrier dynamics in plasmon enhanced solar devices probed by transient absorption spectroscopy
Rizia Bardhan, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-287]

Factors governing oxygen reduction on epitaxial thin films for low temperature and surface decorated epitaxial thin films for high temperature electrocatalysis
Yang Shao-Horn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-292]

Finite-element modeling of electrochemical strain microscopy of solid electrolytes       
Anna Morozovska, Institute of Physics, NAS of Ukraine [CNMS2013-293]

Controlled Growth of Graphene using a Rapid Thermal Processing Technique         
Yongfeng Lu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln [CNMS2013-294]

Elucidating fundamental mechanisms in focused beam induced synthesis for next generation extreme ultraviolet lithography mask editing           
Philip Rack, University of Tennessee  [CNMS2013-296]

Exploring the mechanism of mechanical switching of ferroelectric polarization           
Amit Kumar, Queens University Belfast [CNMS2013-298]

Multimodal probing of piezochemical/electrochemical phenomena in transition metal oxides
Yunseok Kim, Sungkyunkwan University [CNMS2013-303]

Scanning probe based study of the thickness and dielectric constant dependence of dielectric strength of thin oxide films synthesized using atomic layer deposition       
Sandip Niyogi, Intermolecular, Inc. [CNMS2013-306]

Electrical Transport in Complex Oxide Nanowires          
Yayoi Takamura, University of California, Davis [CNMS2013-308]

Laser Desorption Ionization of Biomolecules and Cells from Plasmonic Structures     
Akos Vertes, George Washington University [CNMS2013-309]

NMR measurment of the diffusional coefficient of molecular glass-forming liquid m-Toluidine        
Antonio Faraone, National Institute for Standards and Technology   [CNMS2013-313]

STM investigation of impurity incorporation in graphene          
Philip Cohen, University of Minnesota [CNMS2013-317]

Toward Spohisticated Controls of Flow Boiling at Micro/nano-scale     
Chen Li, University of South Carolina [CNMS2013-319]

Structural analysis of acrylic multigraft copolymers by MALDI-TOF MS       
Jimmy Mays, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-321]

Low-energy all-silicon compact electro-optic modulator for wavelength division multiplexing on-chip optical interconnections 
Philippe Fauchet, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-328]

Ultra-fast all-optical directed-logic circuits based on nonlinear optical effects in silicon nano-photonics        
Philippe Fauchet, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-329]

Barrier Height Mapping of Molecular Electron States for QSAR Analysis       
Joel Olson, Florida Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-330]

Doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles as antibacterial agents for dental adhesive systems      
Sharukh Khajotia, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center  [CNMS2013-331]

Extending the capabilities of direct imprinting of porous substrates (DIPS) for shape-engineered nanoparticle drug delivery vehicles   
Sharon Weiss, Vanderbilt University  [CNMS2013-335]

Probing redox reactions of biocatalyst modified electrodes for biofuel cell applications using voltage modulated SPM   
Brian Rodriguez, University College Dublin [CNMS2013-340]

Nanoscale Electronic Inhomogeneity of PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot Films      
Oleksandr Voznyy, University of Toronto [CNMS2013-342]

Fundamental limits of interface width in heteroepitaxial complex oxide film growth   
Gyula Eres, ORNL [CNMS2013-352]

Growth of Zinc Oxide/Titanium Oxide Thin Films on High Aspect Ratio Medical Nanostructures   
Roger Narayan, University of North Carolina/North Carolina State University [CNMS2013-356]

HCP based XYZ (X,Y=Mn,Fe,Co,Ni, Z=Al,Si, Ga,Ge,Sn): electronic  correlations, magnetic properties (Ms, Keff, Tc, spin polarization)  and  phase stability
Oleg Mryasov, University of Alabama [CNMS2013-359]

Investigating Structure/Function Relationships in Bacterial Organelles at the Nanometer Level
David Allison, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-367]

Proposal Cycle 2013A (extended): expire January 31, 2015

Chi Parameters, Chain Stiffness, and Dynamics of 1,3- Cyclohexadiene-Based Polymers
Jimmy Mays, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-004]

Efficient Concentrating Solar Power Receivers by Nanostructures
Mool Gupta, University of Virginia [CNMS2013-005]

Gated Hybrid Single-Wall-Carbon-Nanotube/Silicon-Nanowire Solar Cells
Andrew Rinzler, University of Florida [CNMS2013-009]

Plasmonic nanoantennas for single-receptor imaging in live cells
Christopher Richards, University of Kentucky [CNMS2013-010]

Integrating Vanadium Dioxide into Silicon Based Photonics and Plasmonics: Ultracompact Optical Modulation by Electronic and All-optical Stimuli
Sharon Weiss, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-012]

Computational study of the influence of water on propylene epoxidation on TiO2 (anatase) supported gold nanoparticles
Juergen Eckert, University of South Florida [CNMS2013-013]

Raman scattering study of structural changes in (Ni1-xCox)TiO3 , 0.20<x<0.80, ceramic pellets as a function of temperature
Johannes Frantti, Aalto University [CNMS2013-016]

Structure dependence of surface chemistry of oxygenates on CeO2
Steve Overbury, ORNL [CNMS2013-017]

Probing of polarization dynamics at the nanoscale in uniaxial disordered ferroelectric solid solutions of xCBN28(1-x)SBN61; x = 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1
Jan Dec, University of Silesia [CNMS2013-018]

Identifying the structural and molecular basis of metal-like transport in microbial nanowires
Nikhil Malvankar, University of Massachusetts, Amherst [CNMS2013-020]

Fabrication of plasmonic nanoholes for optical interrogation
Robert Shaw, ORNL [CNMS2013-022]

Computational Capabilities for Predictions of Grain Boundary Interactions Contributing to Degradation of Cr-based Alloys
Alex Vasenkov, CFD Research Corporation [CNMS2013-023]

Characterization of the Effect of Organic Ligands on the Magnetism of Iron
Todd Monson, Sandia National Labs [CNMS2013-027]

Study the vertical phase separation in organic blend films by TEM cross section image
Jinsong Huang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln [CNMS2013-030]

Nanostructure analysis of block copolymers for proton exchange membranes
Tomoko Fujiwara, University of Memphis [CNMS2013-033]

Tracking ion insertion into porous carbon for electrochemical supercapacitors
Jennifer Black, ORNL [CNMS2013-034] expires July 31, 2014

Pore formation investigation in porous nanocrystalline silicon membrane
Philippe Fauchet, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-038]

First-principles study of spin-dependent transport properties in magnetic tunnel junctions using novel barrier or perpendicular magnetic anisotropy electrode materials
Xiu-Feng Han, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences [CNMS2013-044]

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis Steps to Produce Novel Liquid Fuels from Biomass
Vadim Guliants, University of Cincinnati [CNMS2013-046]

Experimental and theoretical studies of the self-assembly of modified DNA bases on substrates
Henderson James Cleaves, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science [CNMS2013-054]

Effect of functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes (fSWCNT) on the crystal structure and mechanical properties of nylon-hybridized Hydroxyapatite
Theodora Leventouri, Florida Atlantic University [CNMS2013-055]

Morphology Engineering for High-Performance Bulk Heterojunction Polymeric Solar Cells
Dawen Li, University of Alabama [CNMS2013-056]

Integration of Microfluidics with Silicon Photonic Structures for Real-Time Biosensing
Sharon Weiss, Vanderbilt University [CNMS2013-058]

Modeling the Interactions of Gold Nanoparticles with DNA for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Giorgia Brancolini, National Research Council, S3 CNR-NANO [CNMS2013-064]

Cation oxidation states analysis in lithium-rich high-voltage lithium-ion battery cathode oxides during elecrochemical lithiation and delithiation process; an EELS investigation
Debasish Mohanty, ORNL [CNMS2013-069]

Characterization of End-Functionalized Polymers used in the Chemistry-Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Micelles
Megan Robertson, University of Houston [CNMS2013-074]

Synthesis of Deuterated Caprolactone for Time-Resolved Neutron Scattering Experiments on Block Copolymer Micelles
Megan Robertson, University of Houston [CNMS2013-075]

Disorder Enhanced Superconductivity in Optical Lattice Hubbard Models
Vito Scarola, Virginia Tech [CNMS2013-076]

Capillary driven transport and dispersion in hierarchically porous phases formed by conformal deposition of petal like carbons on silicon pillar arrays
Michael Sepaniak, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-078]

Synthesis and characterization of helimagnetic MnSi and FeGe nanowires
David Mandrus, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-079] expires July 31, 2014

Nanostructured hydrophobic and hydrophilic model surfaces for detection and characterization of nano- and mesoscopic vapor bubbles using neutron scattering
Yuri Melnichenko, ORNL [CNMS2013-080]

Light Scattering Characterization of Mixed Micellar Systems
Mike Kilbey, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-082]

Quantum light storage via slow light in plasmonic metamaterials
Raphael Pooser, ORNL [CNMS2013-087]

All-solid Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Chengdu Liang, ORNL [CNMS2013-088]

Atomistic understanding of the fluorothiophenol/gold interfaces
John Anthony, University of Kentucky [CNMS2013-090]

Thermally Biased, Low Voltage AC Electrokinetic Pump for Lab-on-a-chip Based Delivery of Biofluids
Jie Wu, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-097]

Layered planewave through molecular and nano-junctions
Hai-Ping Cheng, University of Florida [CNMS2013-103]

Ionic conductivity of nanometer-sized heterostructures
Chengdu Liang, ORNL [CNMS2013-105]

Negative Index Matematerials for Visible and Ultraviolet Applications
Durdu Guney, Michigan Technological University [CNMS2013-117]

Understanding the structural evolution of transition-metal carbides in high-temperature aqueous-phase environments found in catalytic biomass conversion processes
Jae-Soon Choi, ORNL [CNMS2013-121]

Mesoscale microstructural and elastic coupling correlation and their effect on macro- and micro-scopic electromechanical response of relaxor-ferroelectric thin films
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-123]

Piezoelectric Nonlinearity Across Twist Grain Boundaries in PZT-Based Bicrystals
Dan Marincel, Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2013-127]

Nanoscale study of degradation in Li-ion battery materials
Andrei Kholkin, University of Aveiro [CNMS2013-130]

Biodegradability of Organic Carbon Stabilized on Mineral Surfaces – Sample preparation and characterization Melanie Mayes, ORNL [CNMS2013-136]

Magnetic Nanoparticles Templated from Metallocene Copolymers
Chuanbing Tang, University of South Carolina [CNMS2013-138]

In-situ atomic resolution STM investigations of surfaces of as-grown SrRuO3 thin films
Alexander Tselev, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-139] expires July 31, 2014

Reduced mesoscale elastic coupling in membrane-like PZT capacitors: effects of active/passive layers' thickness ratio
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2013-143]

Characterization of lignin-based carbon precursors
Amit Naskar, ORNL [CNMS2013-144]

MnSi film with helimagnetic structure
David Mandrus, University of Tennessee [CNMS2013-148]

In situ diagnostics of plume generated by resonant infrared matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (RIR-MAPLE): emulsion-based vs. water-soluble polymer targets
Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Duke University [CNMS2013-150]

Reactive classical force-field development to describe reactions at solid-electrolyte interphases in Li-ion battery systems
Adri van Duin, Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2013-155]

Nanomanipulation and in-situ SEM/TEM Mechanical testing of Metallic Nanowires
Yong Zhu, North Carolina State University [CNMS2013-158]

Electric field and temperature dependance on domain structures and polarization dynamics in relaxor ferroelectric textured ceramics
Shashank Priya, Virginia Tech [CNMS2013-160]